Ramazan Ozcan Club and Info Ramazan was born on 28 June 1984 (30) and born in Hohenerns Austria he plays Goalkeeper and is 6ft 2in he started his career for Austrian club Lustenau then he went to Red bull Salzburg after 2006 he was attracted by a lot of Bundesliga teams Hotherhelm was the first German club which he went and spent three seasons for then he went on loan to. Besiktas after that he went to another German club FC Ingolstadt were he is currently at. International

Ramazan was named in the Euros in 2008 for the Austrian 23 man squad but he didn't play any games he started his international debt against Italy on 20 August 2008 it was a 2-2 draw.
FIFA WC-qualification 2014 - Austria vs Faroe Islands 2013-03-22 (134)

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